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Sexy Sober Christmas with Bex!


A sober Christmas…I can hear the gasps of horror already. I know for most of us Christmas is synonymous with over indulging and getting very merry.

But what if this year you just didn’t? And you managed to get through the festive season with no weight gain, no heated clashes, no headaches, and best of all no embarrassing flashbacks.


Though I hardly ever drink anymore I’m in no way an expert on sobriety, especially when it comes to sobriety during the silly season. So I’ve got the wonderful Bex from Sexy Sobriety here to helpgive us some advice on how to get through Christmas with little to no alcohol.

First of all, I’m sure many readers are thinking why on earth would anyone want to have a sober festive season? So can you share some of the benefits of having a sober Christmas?

Last year was my first sober Christmas in 20 years, so I can completely understand their reservations!  But experiencing a sober Christmas, and helping my clients to do the same, taught me so much. 

A sexy, sober Christmas can help us to feel better, physically and emotionally.  As an ex-party girl, I was surprised at just how delicious it feels to jump out of bed every morning with clarity, vitality, and a sense of purpose.  Physically, I noticed my face and eyes were less ‘puffy’, my skin less dry, and my little ‘wine pouch’ belly disappeared. I experienced SO much more energy, my digestion improved ten fold, and (thankfully!) brain fog is a thing of the past.

Best of all, it can help us to focus on the things that really matter- like deep and meaningful conversations and connections with our loved ones.  Not to mention, being completely carefree without any concern that we may have upset anyone or gone a little too far at the work Christmas party!

So for those readers who aren’t ready for a dry Christmas, what are your top three tips to avoid any drunken pitfalls this festive season?

1.  Feed and water yourself, bella!  It can be so easy to lose trackof time in the summer sun, which can lead to drinking more than we intended to (and very sore heads the next day).  Pack healthy, nourishing snacks and plenty of water or low-sugar, alcohol-free drinks to sip on in between the cocktails.  If you’re heading to a hosted event or work party, have something substantial and nourishing to eat before you go - it’ll not only help you to avoid the deep-fried snacks, but will help your body to process the alcohol.  Remember to drink plenty of filtered water the next day to flush out the toxins and help you feel better faster.

2.  One of my favourite ways to feel incredible at holiday parties without drinking?  Wear things that make you happy!  Your favourite lingerie, a necklace you love, or those sparkly earrings you bought with all the money you saved on alcohol and cabs (and even more exciting is knowing that you won’t lose any of them on the way home!).  If you feel amazing, you’ll feel more confident without any need for Dutch Courage.

3.  Make a sublime plan for the next morning.  Something you’ll really look forward to. Maybe that’s a beach walk with your loved one(s), an aerial yoga class with your bestie, or brunch with friends. Maybe it’s just a little time out for yourself – time to curl up with a fancy coffee and newspaper in the sunshine. During the event, if you feel tempted to drink more than you intended to, just think of how much you’ll enjoy your morning-after treat with a clear head.

How can people manage the situation when people try to peer pressure them into drinking, or drinking more than they’re happy with?

Isn’t it so funny that we battle with peer pressure beyond high school?  Once upon a time I was the one trying to convince everyone to drink more, so I understand this one very well.  

Stand firm, beautiful.  Remind yourself of your intentions.  This is YOUR life and your body.  Play the scenario forward in your mind.  How will you feel the next day - physically and emotionally - if you give in?  How will you feel if you stand firm? 

The happier and more confident you are in your own choice, the more others will respect it (and the more you will trust and respect yourself). 

If you’re not celebrating Christmas with a glass of bubbly, what are some exciting drinks that people can make, or order instead?

Prepare your tastebuds, my friend! There are a whole range of delicious alcohol-free elixir recipes.  I’m a huge fan of basic sparkling mineral water. Try jazzing it up with fresh lime juice, lemonor orange slices, mint leaves, cucumber, ginger, or frozen berries. You can find all sorts of organic (and delicious!) lemonade or ginger beer type drinks hiding in your local health food store, as well as a huge range of kombucha. Experiment and see which ones you like.  Have some fun with it! It’s all part of the adventure.

As for fancy party drinks, try this Apple, Mint & Lime Elixir.  The fab thing about green juice is that it’ll give you an incredible energy buzz throughout the night, so you can socialise and dance to your heart’s content. Better yet, it’ll have you bouncing out of bed the next morning with glowing skin and zero regrets!


Apple, Mint & Lime Elixir

Serves 2

2 green apples

1/2 continental cucumber

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, firmly packed

Juice of half a lime


1. Feed apples, cucumber, and mint leaves through a juicer.

2. Place a strainer over a large jug or container and pour juice through the strainer into the jug.

3. Squeeze lime juice into the jug.

4. Pour juice into two glasses. Add ice cubes.

5. Enjoy!


Having a sober Christmas might not be for everyone, but drinking less is definitely a great idea and a very doable when you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, so thank you Bex!

If you like the idea of sobriety but don’t have a clue where you’d start, Bex has you covered with the most supportive and informative community over at Sexy Sobriety.

Sexy Sobriety is packed with people all making the commitment to ditch the alcohol for at least 90 days, and to start living their life to the max. If you want 2016 to be the year you turn your dreams into a reality, become the healthiest happiest version of you, or simply be the year you ditch those time wasting hangovers - head over to Sexy Sobriety! 



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