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Christmas Gift Guide 2015

With Christmas just 22 days away it's time to start thinking about the gifts you're going to give. 

It sounds super cheesy but I always like to give gifts that promote healthy living, make healthy living easier or that are environmentally friendly. So besides making people yummy food as gifts, I've put together a list of gifts that I've spotted around that would make great Christmas gift for any friend, family or even yourself.

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 

#Active Wear

Simply because you can never own enough...

The beautiful luxury active wear site Fierce and Flexible has finally launched. Spun out of Pilates Fitness Institute WA, these ladies are bringing you the finest active wear around so you can look seriously hot whilst working out, or simply look gorgeous doing everything in your active wear. 

Just for you lucky readers they are offering 20% off online purchases until Christmas, simply apply the code tncff when you check out.

Here are a few of my favourites:


Vitamin Sea Tank $58

Marblel Bra $98

Long Beach Leggings $89.95


For the fitness freak

Prana Yoga Wheel $99 - The must have yogi toy to help you achieve some mind blowing backbends and challenge your balance. If you're like me as super inflexible, this can help improve your shoulder, chest and back flexibility. 

Foam Roller (with self-guided pictures) $36 - Perfect to keep those muscles supple and work out any tight spots after a hard workout. This foam roller comes with handy guided pictures printed on it, so you know how to roll out each muscle. 

Suspension Training $95 - Perfect for a full body workout anywhere any time. These TRX suspension bands pack down to a small package making them perfect for any fitness enthusiast who has to travel. These are great for a killer ab workout and you can do it at home or in the park. 


For the environmentalist


Feral by George Monboit $10 - Learn how restoring and rewinding our eco systems can positively affect everything. A thought provoking book and a refreshing approach to environmentalism. Defiantly a must read for any environmentalist or naturist.

Stainless Steel Lunch Box $27 - This makes a lovely alternative to toxic plastic containers or heavy glass containers. It's re-usable and non toxic so makes good sense.

KeepCup Brew $30 - A tempered glass re-usable coffee cup for the coffee lover in your life. Save money and avoid contributing to landfill!


For the health nut

Flaska Glass Water Bottle - not old is it an eco friendly reusable water bottle; it also comes with some pretty funky water molecule restructuring claims. Stay with me here...the Flaska bottle claims to bring the vibrational structure of the water closer to the molecular structure of spring water, meaning the water in your Flaska bottle is more like the way nature intended. Read the ins and outs of how it does this here.

If you're in Perth you can pick one up at The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle. 

Microbiome Solution by Dr. Robynne Chutkan $16 - by far the most interesting book I've read this year! It's the perfect gift for anyone looking for true health or to learn more about how the microbiome and antibiotics affects our health. To get a little taster of what it's about watch Dr Chutkan talk here.


I really hope this gives you some good ideas! I'd love to hear what you're buying this year for Christmas, leave a comment down below if you have any cool gift ideas you'd like to share.