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Top 10 winter foods for glowing skin

I am finally back after the most amazing time celebrating our wedding, followed by a wonderful honeymoon in Corsica. 

Unfortunately, all the late nights, long haul flights, lack of fresh food and invisible zinc has taken its toll on my skin. It's a good reminder to me that lifestyle factors can really effect my skin. I went from having beautiful clear bright skin, to having dull bumpy skin in a matter of weeks. 

Thankfully, I know just what I need to do! I'm nourishing my skin with all the nutrient rich foods that keep my skin blemish free and looking fresh.

So here are my top 10 foods for glowing skin:

1. Broccoli

Is a great source of chlorophyll and fibre. Chlorophyll is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent that detoxifies cells incredibly well. The high fibre content of Broccoli also helps to keep your colon clean (by keeping you regular), this will assist your body by removing any toxins your liver has dumped into your colon.  

2. Pumpkin Seed

Is a great source of zinc in a vegan diet. Zinc plays a crucial role in assisting your skin cells to heal. If you find your skin takes a long time to heal after you've had a breakout, chances are you're low in zinc. Add pumpkin seeds to your porridge or salads to get more zinc into your diet.

3. Chia Seed

Is a great source of plant-based omega 3 fat. Omega 3 fats help fight inflammation that can often lead to acne or breakouts. Usually fish high in omega 3 is recommended for beautiful skin, unfortunately fish is commonly ladened with fat soluble toxins and mercury which you consume when you eat fish. The same applies when you take fish supplements. Chia seeds are a great toxin-free source of omega 3 - add a tablespoon to your next smoothie or make a chia seed pudding.

4. Carrots

Cleanse the liver and the digestive tract thanks to their high levels of carotene. Carrots also contain large amounts of beta-carotene that is converted to vitamin A by your liver. Vitamin A is great for reducing blemishes and keeping future breakouts at bay. Adding a raw cold-pressed carrot juice into your daily nutrition is the best way to get all this carroty goodness into your body. 

5. Beetroot

Is a liver cleansing power food, thanks to the betaine found in beetroot. Betaine helps to stimulate liver cells to dump toxins it's been filtering out of your body. This leaves your liver better equipped to filter out any remaining toxins floating around.

6. Leafy Greens

Are another great source of chlorophyll,  but also iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. Iron is a key component to keeping your red blood cells working and your blood highly oxygenated. If you're getting dark circles around your eyes, it's time to up your greens! Green smoothies and kales slaws are my favourite ways to get in more greens.

7. Fermented Vegetables

Are packed with gut friendly pro-biotics. All this good bacteria helps your gut fight the nasty (acne causing) bad bacteria and aids your gut in processing toxins that would otherwise show up on your skin. I find fermented veggies are best for my skin as they are sugar-free. 

8. Camu Camu Berry

Is the highest form of digestible vitamin C you can get! Vitamin C helps gives your skin a wonderful glow by assisting the repair of damaged cells. 

9. Pumpkin

Is another food high vitamin A, it also has a high water content that will leave your skin hydrated. Steam it, rather than roasting or boiling it, to keep most of the vitamins and water content intact.

10. Spirulina

Is a great source of highly digestible protein and chlorophyll. Just a small spoon of this super sea algae has enough protein to help your cells repair. Spirulina can also be used topically, as a facemask. Simply add a little water and smear onto your skin, leave for up to 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

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