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11 Long Haul Travel Tips

It's finally time for me to jump on a plane and head home for our wedding! Excited just doesn't cover how I'm feeling.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my travel tips and tricks to make that 22 hour long haul flight the healthiest it can possible be, and hopefully emerge the other side looking somewhat fresh.

11 Long Haul Travel Tips

1.  Pre-load on juice and smoothies

The day before you travel, get in as many cold-pressed juices and nutrient packed smoothies as you can. All this goodness is going to give your body a huge hit of vitamins to help you ward off any nasty bugs lurking about the plane, and it gives your body plenty hydration.

2. Bring a bottle

Sorry not a wine bottle, a water bottle. Taking an empty water body will save the hassle of pestering the flight attendant every 30 minutes. Ask them to fill it up with filtered water and make sure you drink as much as you can on the flight and during any layovers.

3. Go vegan

As I eat a vegan diet it's a no brainier for me to order a vegan meal on the flight, but I highly suggest to all non-vegans they do the same. The quality of the food being served on the plane is never the best, opt for a vegan meal and you'll most likely get fruit, salad, beans, curry or some pasta. It might not sound appetising but it's got to be better than scrambled egg made from dehydrated egg flakes and chicken sausage made form who knows what?!

If you get seriously bloated on a flight opt for a fruit platter, it will be easy on your digestion and help minimise bloating. 

Most vegan meals are called vegetarian or strict vegetarian meals (vegetarian is called lacto-ovo vegetarian) but always double check with the airline. Remember to select a vegan meal when booking your flight or when managing your booking online, unfortunately you can't do it when you check in. 

4. Take care of your skin

Keeping hydrated is key to avoiding that horrible grey completion flying can give you. Obviously drink lots of water, but also travel make-up free and with an intensive moisturiser. I use this Liz Earl super skin concentrate oil (it comes in a handy 10ml size) and occasional spray my face with this hydrating travel mist by Bush Biotherapies that's packed with essential oils and aloe - it smells amazing and is super hydrating for your skin. 

5. Herbal Teas

Pack a few of your favourite herbal teas and just ask for some hot water rather than drinking coffee or caffeinated tea. Caffeine just exacerbates the de-hydration caused by long haul flights. Rather pack a herbal tea that might help you sleep, detoxify or aids digestion. I like to take liquorice tea and Pukka's cleanse tea.

6. Tea Tree Oil

My absolute travel must is tea tree oil. It acts as a great anti-septic and helps you fight of the germs you come into contact with from breathing in recycled plane air. Pop a few drops on your fingers and rub it inside of your nostrils. Repeat this every 4 hours and hopefully you won't get sick when you reach the other side.

7. Block it out

Ear plugs and an eye mask are going to help you settle down and hopefully drift off for some sleep. Change your clock to your final destinations time and try to sleep when you would be in that time zone. 

8. Move it

Move as much as you can! Before the plane journey, on the plane and during the layover. Moving is essential to getting your lymphatic system pumping and will help ease the swelling caused from flying. When you land try get a workout in as soon as possible or lift you legs above your heart to help reduce the water retention in those ankles.

9. Superfood powders

I always take a few tablespoons of some superfood powder with me in my hand luggage. On the layover grab a fresh juice or smoothie (most airports will have a fresh juice bar, Dubai certainly does) and add them in. It might not be much, but it does get a little goodness into your body.

This time I've got a teaspoon each of: barely wheat powder, organic beetroot powder and camu camu berry powder.

10. Be prepared

Always a good life motto, but one I really have to live by. I always carry something delicious as a snack on the plane like some homemade bliss balls, some nuts or some loving earth raw chocolate. It's far nicer to snack on something healthy than the plane nuts cooked in palm oil, or being left peckish on your layover. They've also come in handy when my vegan meal has been forgotten on the plane. 

11. Post-flight hydration and detox

Make sure you eat lots of hydrating fruits and veggies once you've reached your destination, like coconut water, cumbers and red peppers. This will re-hydrate your body and the fibre will help get your bowls back to their usual rhythm. 

If you're really keen to bounce back quicker and rid your body of all the toxins (like radiation) caused by aeroplane travel, take some activated coconut charcoal mixed with water immediately after flying. The coconut charcoal will bind to toxins and help eliminate them from your system quickly. 

If you are off on some travels soon, I hope you find this hopeful, that all your travels are safe and as hassle free as possible. 

With the wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, all the family and friend catch ups and then our honeymoon, I will be blogging less frequently. There will still be a few posts and make sure you follow me on Instagram @thenourishingconcept to get some sneaky wedding photos.






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