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Natural Beauty Tips

Fuelling your body with the most natural, high quality and nutrient dense food is obviously the best thing you can do to look and feel great on your wedding day.

However, there are a few other natural beauty tricks that I have been including into my daily routine just to help me feel and look my best.

Natural Beauty Tips

Coconut oil

Ok, so using coconut oil as a natural beauty product is nothing new but I'm truly obsessed! I use is as a body moisturiser, makeup remover and as a hair mask.

Body moisturiser: Coconut oil is the most luxurious smelling body moisturiser you'll ever try and works wonders on your skin thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Trust me; ditch all your expensive body moisturisers and just coconut oil yourself up. I keep a jar in my bathroom and just slather it on after my shower.

Eye makeup remover: I use a little coconut oil to remove my mascara at the end of a day. It's the only real eye makeup remover that actually gets all the mascara off (goodbye morning panda eyes) that's not heavily laced with toxins. I melt a little on my fingertips and them massage into my eyes for about a minute and the use a hot cloth to wipe the oil/mascara away.

Hair mask: About once or twice a week I melt some coconut oil, rub it into my hair and then get on with some jobs. After about 30 minutes (sometimes longer - the longer the better), I simply wash my hair as I usually would. The coconut rehydrates your hair and will make it lovely and shiny.


Coconut oil and activated coconut charcoal 

The combination of coconut oil and activated coconut charcoal can be used as a natural teeth whitener. Coconut charcoal is highly absorbent of toxins, so it naturally draws out any coffee stains or general yellowness from your teeth. The coconut oil also works to pull out toxins through your mouth so the combination is great for your general oral health.

Simply melt some coconut oil and add 1tsp of coconut charcoal and swirl it around your mouth for about 15 minutes (if you can last that long). Do this about 3 times a week and you will soon notice the difference.

Alternatively you can brush your teeth with coconut charcoal by simply dipping a damp toothbrush into the coconut charcoal powder and brushing away. 

It might not be the prettiest way to get sparkly teeth, but it's a great alternative to toxic harsh whitening strips that cause tooth sensitivity and gum damage. 


Rosehip oil moisturiser 

A new addition to my beauty regime is a good organic rose hip moisturiser. I started using it about 6 weeks ago and I've really noticed a difference in my acne scars healing and just my general skin looking brighter and plumper. 

Rosehip oil is like a wonderful conditioner for the skin! It's packed with essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) which are fantastic for healing scars, as well as antioxidants vitamins C and A which help fight skin damage caused from UV rays and stimulate collagen production which will keep those wrinkles at bay.

Because rosehip oil molecules are small enough to penetrate the deep into the layers of your skin, this delivers the vitamin A & C deeper than other moisturisers. Because of this, it's important to use an organic cold-pressed rose hip oil moisturiser, that's free of sulphates and parabens.

I use a little in the morning and a more generous amount in the evenings after washing my face. 


Natural clay

Natural clay is another great way of drawing toxins out of the skin, killing bacteria that's lurking on your skin and speeding up the healing processes of troubled skin. 

I use a Bentonite clay that once wet becomes highly absorbent and turns into a creamy consistency perfect for a face mask. I simply wet my clay block rub it over my face and leave it to dry for 20 minted then wash it off with warm water. As it acts as a natural exfoliant I wouldn't advise doing it more than once a week. 

I also find that due to it drawing out the toxins from my skin, I occasionally have a small break out in the following days, because of this I don't use it before an event or for example a few days before my wedding. It's usually a Sunday night sort of thing for me.

Alternatively you could use some activated coconut charcoal mixed with some warm filtered water and applied in the same way. 


Eye Brows 

This is a little tip passed on to me by one of my fabulous friends ... "get your eyebrows shaped it will make such a difference to your face, particularly in photos".

I wasn't convinced eyebrow shaping could make that much of a difference, but I booked myself into Alison Jade eyebrow bar in Cottesloe see what they could do. 

Let me tell you, after 4 sessions my eyebrows are looking fuller, longer and obviously more shapely - so much so that people even notice them over Skype (so they must be looking good).

My tips for getting you eye brows shaped:
  • Pick an expert: they work wonders and in their safe hands you will never walk away with uneven of thin eyebrows.
  • Start 5 months before: Sounds a little early I know, but an eyebrow specialist can tease out new growth in your eyebrow making them thicker and longer. They need time to do this, so 5 months is about enough. Making them thicker and longer is what will give your face a lovely frame.
  • Say what you want: I don't have fair eyebrow, nor do I want them darker - so I always give the tint a miss. Decide what you want and let them know!

I'd love to hear if you have any natural beauty tips in the comments below, I'm always been to experiment with something new!

If you're interested to know what I've been doing to get into shape for my wedding you can read about it here, and I also share the wedding wellness guidelines I've been following here.



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