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Wedding Wellness

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was using F45 to whip me into shape for my wedding (read it here), so this week I thought I'd share the types of foods I've been eating to assist me in feeling great and looking great.

Firstly because I eat a well balanced plant-based diet and exercise consistently, I didn't need to lose weight. However, I did want to tone up and get a little more muscle definition, so I've been eating to support that. 

I've also been focused on having good energy levels and making sure my immune system is tip top. I really don't want to get sick on the plane or feel fatigued in the lead up to the wedding.

Lastly, as you all know, I suffered from some adult acne and milia (those tiny little bumps under the skin) about a year and a half ago. I've talked about what nutrition guidelines I follow to keep my skin looking clear, so I've been following those pretty stringently. 

Ok so here is what my daily routine looks like, the foods I've been adding into my diet and why:


Fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and pulses are all packed with protein, so I never worry if I meet my daily requirement of protein (which is 46 grams). However, as I've been focused on building muscle and getting more toned, I've upped my protein intake slightly. 

I've done this by including adding plant protein powder to my smoothies, making protein raw balls and by eating more beans. This probably gives me an additional 15 grams of protein a day.

More importantly, I've been making sure I follow up my workouts with a nutrient packed recovery smoothie within 30 minutes of working out. These smoothies are packed with protein, carbs and fats, and support my body to replenish its energy stores, assist muscle growth and allow me to sustain working out six times a week. 


I increased my intake of whole fats because I find they keep me satiated. By whole fats I mean natural, unprocessed fats such as almonds, avocados and chia seeds. I've found my body processes fats better when they are in their 'whole food' state and they don't affect my skin like some fats can (e.g. animal fats and oils), this is because the fats are being processed with the appropriate amount of fibre needed to process them properly.

Almond Butter

Almond butter has replaced peanut putter in my life. Mainly because it's more delicious, but also because it doesn't make me break out across my forehead like peanut butter does. Almonds are packed with protein so assist the repair and regeneration of muscles, and are a great slow releasing energy source.

I've been adding it to my smoothies in the morning, I eat it out of the jar and sometimes stuff it in a madjool date to make the yummiest fudgy morning snack. 


Are packed with vitamin E, which fights free radicals in your skin and can reduce the effects of everyday sun exposure. Avocado is going to keep you feeling satiated whilst moisturising your skin from the inside, thanks to all the healthy fats. It also contains B3 or niacin which helps break down the sebum build up that causes milia.

I've been eating about half an avocado every second day, usually in the form of guacamole - my favourite!

Chia Seeds 

I've been adding 1 teaspoon of chia seeds to my morning smoothies. Chia seeds are packed with fibre, so keep you feeling full all throughout the morning and the high levels of omega 3 are great to get glowing skin. Omega 3 helps to repair skin cells from the inside, as well as reducing inflammation. So they're perfect if you've ever suffered from troubled skin.

Raw Foods 

Rather than cutting foods out of my diet and feeling deprived, I've focused on adding in delicious raw foods.

So why raw foods? They're packed with nutrients and incredible flavour, therefore leave you feeling truly nourished and satisfied.

My body responds really well to raw foods; my energy levels increase and I digest them really easily. If I feel like something sweet, I'll have a raw ball or some kind of raw dessert. I've also been having more dinners, because raw food is packed with fibre and digests quickly. This means you wake up with a nice flat stomach thanks to having a clean gut.


Juices (raw & cold-pressed)

I'm not the biggest fan of juice cleanses, simply because I like to chew my food. I do however love them as part of my healthy diet and look to them to get a good kick of nutrients. Juices are always great for getting glowing skin; go organic and you'll really see the difference in your skin and the brightness of your eyes! 

Green Juice

Not only is green juice packed with nutrients that are easily absorbed, it has a huge impact on your energy levels! Green juice can literally give you a similar 'buzz' to coffee, expect you won't get the crash. This makes it a great option for an afternoon snack.

I've been including more green juice into my diet to make sure my body gets all the nutrients it needs for a strong immune system. I'll also be incorporating a lot more green juices in the lead up to the wedding to make sure I've good energy levels.

Red Juice

Thanks to the beetroot and carrot, this juice is packed with liver cleansing nutrients and ginger to aid digestion. Red juice is going to keep your liver in tip top condition and free of toxins, which is important for fresh looking skin and that amazing glow we're all after.  

Fermented foods

Fermented food is just amazing for everything!

They're going to build your immune system, improve your skin and make sure you digested your food properly, thanks to all the living pro-biotics. If you're new to fermented foods start off with a little spoon each day, and work up to a big dollop. I eat mine straight out the jar as a mid-afternoon snack.

Make sure it's raw and vegan in order to get the pro-biotics, and try different brands and flavours until you find one you like.

My favourites are: Curry Creations by Loving Gift and Thai Chilli Kimchi by Green St Kitchen.

Camu camu berry powder

The camu camu berry is packed with vitamin C, which we all know helps you fight off all the various lurgies. I'm simply adding it to my morning smoothie. Read more about it here.   

Liquorice tea 

Made form liquorice root, fennel and peppermint - it's naturally sweet and tastes like liquorice. Liquorice root is great for stabilising your blood sugar levels and it's naturally sweet taste makes it perfect for an evening drink, if you have a post-dinner sweet tooth. 


I'd love to know if you have any wedding wellness tips to share or if you find anything listed here helpful?