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Camu Camu Berry

I was reminded last weekend that flu season is fast approaching. As I jumped into a taxi the driver kindly informed me the that he was running a fever and had the flu - eeeek! I was trapped for 8 (long) minutes and then gingerly handed over the exact amount of money trying to avoid all physical contact. 

As it's now Friday and I am still fighting fit, I clearly managed to avoid the dreaded lurgy. After falling ill on my one week ski holiday back in January (thanks to plane germs), I've really been focused on boosting my immune system to assure it doesn't happen again, when I head back to England for my wedding in a few weeks. 

One of my immune boosting strategies has been to include a daily dose of camu camu berry in my diet.  

Camu camu berry is a fruit grown in the swamp lands of the Amazon that's incredibly rich in vitamin C - I'm talking 50-60 times more vitamin C than orange. This high vitamin C level can help you fight viral infections (colds, shingles, cold sores) and because you consume it in it's whole food state, you can absorb the nutrients contained within the berry much more effectively compared to a standard synthetic vitamin C supplement.

This means it's the prefect little addition to your winter routine. 

I buy my camu camu berry in powder form Loving Earth. It's a light cinnamon colour and has a sort of cinnamon-orange-nutmeg taste - it's delicious. It's as if nature knew we needed some spicy goodness in our diets when the colder months hit and created the perfect little fruit. 

I like to add mine to a spiced banana smoothie with some extra nutmeg and cinnamon, to give it those warming winter tones! 

Try it and let me know what you think!