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The Rosedog and Co

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Rosie, also know as Rosedog! I met Rosie at revision camp when were 17 years old and cramming for our finals. Fast-forward a good 10 years and we’ve both ended up in Australia, albeit at opposite ends, writing blogs.

Rosie’s blog, 'The Rosedog Blog', is a lifestyle blog packed with lots of yummy recipes, her favourite designers and her travels. If you head over to Rosie’s blog you’ll see how much of a foodie she is - she even has a whole recipe section dedicated to vegan recipes (happy days) - it’s definitely worth checking out!

Ok over to you Rosie…

What inspired you to start your lifestyle blog ‘The Rosedog Blog’?

As far back as I can remember I have really enjoyed documenting my life. Whether it was nostalgic adventures I had been on, the food I had cooked or eaten, the places I had visited, I loved writing a journal. It is now such a joy and also really funny to read back on those diaries. Even funnier to see my 12 year old view of the world! When I moved to Australia in 2009, I wanted a way of keeping in regular touch with family and friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Whether that be a weekend travel adventure, holidays up the coast, food I had eaten to food I had cooked I really enjoyed sharing it with them. Cooking has always been my strength and it is where I feel most confident with myself, so the blog has been a fantastic avenue to share some of my mainly healthy recipes and experiments with food and flavour.

What’s your approach to health and happiness?

Oooh that’s a tough one, so many people operate in different ways. However, my approach is change in lifestyle and balance of life. For health, I believe that food is medicine. I go by my rule book that 80% of the time you should eat as well (if you are after some inspo, try some of my recipes on the blog!), as natural and as seasonal as you can, try to mix it up and keep it in moderation (normally a fist size portion) and remember the more colourful the plate the better it is for you. Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself either. Also don’t let food be your number one focus, there are so many other things in life to stay attune to.  

Happiness…a question that constantly pops up and I am always interested to find out how others achieve it. I am naturally a really happy person, although there are moments in life when you doubt everything. I guess my number one motto in life is being grateful for what I already have. Every morning I write down 8 things I am grateful for; whether that is the blue skies, the chat with my mum, my friends, the perfect car parking space, being asked out for dinner or the unexpected kindness of someone. You name it I have written it down.  Also I really try and see the good and positive in every situation and learn from not so positive situations. For everything else salt, sweat or tears gets me back on track.

How do you like to keep fit and active? 

Yoga is the key for me. I can proudly say my Grandma is turning the ripe old age of 100…yes 100 in April. Since the age of 45 she has sworn by the huge benefits in yoga, by practising it every day. Not by just keeping you flexible but she believes it also keeps your mind strong and I have to say she is sharp as a whistle. As well as yoga, I also run, walk, gym, SUP, swim three to four times a week; I like to mix it up so I don’t get bored. I try and listen to what my body is feeling, if I feel that I don’t want to go to exercise or I feel exhausted I wont push myself. Some weeks are more productive than others, but I don’t beat myself up about it either.

You’ve recently just started writing for a local Sydney paper, do you have anything else exciting in the pipeline for 2015?

Yes the freelance writing world is just beginning and I am absolutely loving contributing for The Eastsider. In the pipeline is a vegetarian recipe eBook, which will be available hopefully by May/June this year; this is taking a little longer to plan than I expected. In the next couple of months I will be releasing a homemade granola which I will be selling at the local farmers markets in Sydney, so stay tuned as there is a fantastic family story behind it.

Lastly what’s your favourite vegan recipe at the moment?

My favourite vegan recipe that I have actually just done today is my homemade Sweet Potato and Snow Pea Curry with black rice. Simple, cheap to make and so creamy, the perfect Autumnal recipe for the cooler months ahead.

Follow Rosie on Instagram here or pick up a paper this Sunday and have a little read.

Thanks Rosie!