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Getting sweaty in the City

Come middle of February my exercise routine was coasting a little; I was doing a bit of this, a bit of that, but nothing very challenging or with any focus. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do: I was bored of the gym, yoga wasn't cutting it, my at-home workouts were lacking the intensity I was looking for. Then out of the blue I got a little email inviting me to come checkout F45 in Perths CBD.

After a bit of Googling and YouTube-watching to see what exactly I was getting myself into, I decided to give it a go and headed to my first cardio session one morning. Luciano, the co-owner, explained what was in store for me and what F45 was all about.

So this is it in a nutshell...

F45 is all about functional training delivered in a high intensity circuit style; think free weights, kettle bells, battle ropes, sprints, rowing, pull-ups and much more. Each session lasts 45 minutes, hence the 45 in F45, and the splits change daily, as do the repetition of each station. Some days you'll repeat each station (which has three exercises in it) 4 times, sometimes 5, depending on what the high intensity/rest split is. What this all means is that you get a killer workout (almost vomit-worthy) that builds strength, gets you fit and gives you one hell-of-an endorphin high! Needless to say after one session I was hooked!

Now don't be intimidated by the sound of it, F45 members range across the fitness spectrum and everyone is super friendly. All the exercises get demonstrated to you and each exercise station is clearly labelled. The group camaraderie spurs you on to push a little harder, as do the trainers, and you get a well earned high-five at the end of each session!

F45 also does resistance training. Now, I was a little scared that this would be like cross-fit. It's not! I don't have anything against cross-fit, it's just not the exercise for me; I'm not trying to build huge muscles or looking to lift heavy weights, I'm more concerned with being fit and looking lean, so F45 is the perfect combination of resistance and cardio to achieve that. 

F45 Training Perth CBD are currently letting you come down and try it out for a 14 day free trial. So if it sounds like something you'd like to try, head over to their website. If you do, come say hi - my free trial is over but I've enjoyed it so much I'm definitely heading back.

P.S. They also do a lunch time workout between 12:15 - 13:00, just be prepared to get sweaty!