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Not a Natural Yogi

I admit it, I'm a little addicted to yogi fitspo images on Instagram. Mainly because I'm wowed by what some people can do with their bodies and would love to be able to the same. I got so inspired that when my friend messaged me to tell me Power Living Perth was running their six week 'The Modern Yogi Project', I jumped on board and started fantasising about my future Instagram-worthy flexibility!

Roll on three weeks and I still can't touch the floor. Yep I'm in-flexible! Like laugh out loud in-flexible. Even after three weeks of practising for 60 minutes six times a week I'm still the least flexible person in the class. I really thought I'd be making more progress by this point and honestly I've found it really disheartening and confronting.

I've always known I'm in-flexible, I have scoliosis and because of this certain muscles in my body are extremely tight. Even though I attended yoga classes once or twice a week as port of my exercise routine, I always thought I wasn't making the progress others were because I wasn't dedicating enough time my practice. So when I started attending six times a week my expectation were high, evidently too high!

Regardless of flexibility the other thing I'm finding difficult is that yoga just doesn't seem to be enough for me! My body feels great overall, but I seriously miss that post-exercise high, the muscle fatigue and that little bit of muscle pain the next day - which in my mind signifies change. So after week one, where I tried my hardest to become a yogi and was left needing more, I decided to add some cardio and weights back into my exercise routine - and it felt sooooo good!

The happiness I got from doing exercise I was good at was actually quite confronting. It got me thinking "why the hell am I doing a yoga project - when I hate yoga?" Ok I don't hate it but I definitely don't love it enough to be doing it six times a week!

The more I thought about it, the more I got thinking how my ego is driving my behaviour. Was it my ego that drove me to do the yogi project, because I wanted to be Instagram-worthy flexible, is it my ego that enjoys other forms of exercise because I'm good at them - unlike yoga where my ego takes a hit? Or am I simply over-thinking it? Do I simply just enjoy cardio and weights more than yoga? 

What do you think - can you simply enjoy one exercise style over another or do we favour our chosen exercise because it gives us a little ego boost?