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Organic Beauty

Bkind Organic Beauty Bar

Did you know there is an organic beauty bar in Perth? I didn't either until a terrible break-out made me decide it was time to make the switch to organic make-up (read about my skin troubles here). I found this little gem tucked away off the main highstreet in Subiaco. 

Bkind Organic Beauty Bar houses the best of organic and natural skincare, make-up, hair care, and perfume from around the world, including their own Bkind range (which I use) - it's a little mecca for any health and beauty enthusiast out there. 

Every item in the shop has been carefully selected so as to support biodymanic, organic or fair trade farming practices. With a wonderful ethos "to support ethical companies who are committed to developing products that don't contain cheap, synthetic chemicals, who minimise their impact on the environment, and are passionate about the planet and people's wellbeing as we are", I knew my skin (and my conscience) was in good hands the moment I entered the shop!

In today's post I'm happy to introduce the business owner of Bkind Organic Beauty Bar and long time beauty addict, Jennifer Mulhall. After adopting an organic lifestyle her health blossomed and she's here today to share with us a little about the Bkind brand.

What was the catalyst for you starting Bkind?

My son was only 2 years old when he was diagnosed with severe eczema and was having anaphylactic reactions to food; this was the catalyst to a complete lifestyle overhaul. After countless doctors visits with no explanation for his eczema and desperate for answers, I began doing my own research. Now this was a time before the internet had all the information like it does today - but I still became aware of all the chemicals used, not only in food but also in the skincare products that had been recommended for my son by countless professionals.

Having worked as an executive in the cosmetic industry for many years, I had a unique understanding of products, manufacturing and education, along with my knowledge of skincare from personal experience. I wanted to find a way to bring together organic brands along with giving my expertise and advice to as many people as possible. So I established Bkind Organic Beauty Bare in 2008; a place where the best local and international organic beauty products could be found as a response to the lack of genuine and effective organic skincare and makeup products available. I also wanted to address the serious lack of education surrounding natural and organic beauty. Even today there is a growing number of online beauty retailers dishing out the incorrect advise because they have no formal training or experience - we see so many customers come into the store who have been given the wrong advice.

Are all Bkind products organic and vegan?

Yes, we do have some beeswax in some of the products though (no bees are harmed).

In your store do you only stock vegan and organic products?

Yes most definitely. Thats what we are all about!

Why should people make the switch to organic/natural/ethical beauty products?

There are several reasons as to why someone would want to make the change; most people however are becoming more educated about the chemicals that they are exposed to in the environment. There is also lots of information available about testing on animals by large companies, so this is a big factor for most people.

Shopping at Bkind is really about a lifestyle change and becoming more aware that every action or consumer decision has an impact somewhere along the line, whether that is on your own personal health or that of animals or people living in outer countries. With so many fantastic organic brands that have real ingredients and are so effective and economical, making the change is very easy. Simply changing your lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara and deodorant can have a huge impact on the amount of chemicals you're exposing yourself to on a daily basis.

What's your 'go-to' beauty product this summer?

Most definitely our Bkind Nourishing Oil ($34.95). It's a multi-purpose product made from organic extra virgin olive oil with a few extra ingredients such as rose hip oil, avocado oil, mandarin and vanilla essential oils. It's the perfect summer product; great as a moisturiser after long beach days, a leave-in hair conditioner, make-up remover or a bath oil. Just rub it all over your skin before you head out and it will give your skin a wonderful summer glow.

Do you have any up-coming product launches or events?

Since we specialise in make-up we've launched our own range of organic vegan lipstick - its highly pigmented and super creamy.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sweet potato! We eat lots of them; they are an all-round superfood, easy to cook and great for kids. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin B6 and vitamin C along with iron (which is underrated in importance and a common reason for fatigue in women) along with magnesium.

Jennifer x 

With so many great products on offer I promise you won't miss any of your usual beauty products, most importantly you can start to make a difference by choosing products that are better for your health, the planet and most importantly your skin.

If you'd like to try some Bkind products hang tight, we have a great little give-away coming up! If you can't wait pop into the store and the lovely Bkind ladies will happily to help.