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My favourite food blogs

My favourite food blogs

So I've been getting some questions about what I actually eat if I follow a plant-based diet?

I eat lots let me tell you, that's one of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet - you get to eat big plates of nutrient-rich foods. I totally get this quizzical response, because for most of us we've grown up with meat and dairy being the stars of the dish. Most cooks in the house plan a meal around what meat they've taken out of the freezer, so when I say I don't eat meat (poultry, fish, dairy and eggs) I always expect lots of questions to follow.

 It took me a little while to recondition my mind to see beans, grains and veggies as the stars of a dish and to learn how to get flavourful dishes without meat or dairy (it's all about fresh herbs, spices and nuts).

One thing that helped me was exploring the recipe possibilities on some of the amazing blogs out there. Once you see what possibilities are available you quickly see you can live in a world of abundance. So for all of you trying to look after your health and reduce the amount of animal protein in your life here are some beautiful blogs, packed with mouthwatering recipes. Not all of them are vegan, some are vegetarian - I simply omit the dairy or eggs and use plant replacements. 


A Vegan Kitchen

Beautiful and creative vegan cooking. Following her on Instagram for daily food inspiration. She's also just bought out an e-book, Nourish, that is very reasonably priced ($11.95).



Deliciously Ella

A secret soft spot for this blog as Ella lives in London and reminds me of home. If you're looking for some healthy places to eat in London or are interested in a cooking workshop 'Deliciously Ella' can help.


Oh She Glows

Packed with recipes and a whole vegan pregnancy section.

Green Kitchen Stories 

Quiet possibly the most mouthwatering food blog out there! With two cookbooks published and heaps of recipes you can get some serious inspiration from these two.


Naturally Ella

Another Ella and another beautiful blog. With vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free categories it's super easy to navigate and find something delicious to re-create.

The First Mess

Vegetarian and vegan recipes that ware wonderfully seasonal.


 Hopefully by the end of next year my blog will be filled with mouthwatering recipes!