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Raw Appeal

Raw Appeal

So I heard about Raw Appeal, a mini raw food event, happening at the Kitchen Warehouse, through the social media stratosphere. Best of all, it was just around the corner from me and was being conveniently held around lunchtime.

It's great that raw food is becoming more mainstream and with big companies, like Kitchen Warehouse, actively promoting this way of life, it can only mean it's going to get even more popular. And let's face it, we're all secretly hoping every cafe in Perth will be stocked with raw desserts, because if you've ever tasted one you'll agree that they are a hundred times tastier than refined sugar - buttery cakes!

For those of you who don't know, raw food is classified as raw, living, unprocessed and unrefined food. Because food is never heated above 37°C it's packed with living enzymes that are easy to digest and efficiently deliver nutrients to the cells in your body. This results in increased energy and improved health.

Ok back to the 'Raw Appeal' event.

The Kitchen Warehouse brought together some of Perth's finest raw food businesses, so the people of Perth could learn more about this style of 'cooking' and enjoy some tasty creations.

People came to marvel over the beautiful food that could be created without turning on an oven, some came to learn about the health benefits of going raw. Whilst others went around seeking advice from established 'raw foodies'.

The store was filled with lots of 'ooo-ings', 'ahh-ings' and 'mmm-ings' as people walked from stall to stall (I was one of them). Everyone was sampling raw delights, slurping cold-pressed juices and buying eco friendly wares (like bamboo straws). I was "wowed' by the funky looking SCOBY's lurking in the kombucha tanks (SCOBY is the name given to the cultures of bacteria and yeast which are used to make the fermented drink kombucha).

After a good look around everyone settled down for the demonstration. 

Hailed as Perth's leading raw foodist and at the forefront of the raw movement in Perth, The Raw Kitchen owner, Heath Daly, began his demonstration. He started with a nice little explanation about the raw food philosophy and the importance of taking control over what you put in your body. He praised the nutrient-rich lifestyle for it's health benefits and challenged the current government dietary guidelines commonly promoted by health professionals. Needless to say he was full of knowledge and his experience as a naturopath shone through.

He delighted the audience by demonstrating the raw food gadgets used to make the delicious food at The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle. As i'm guilty of owning most of these gadgets already, I got most excited about the coconut jack! If you love fresh coconuts you must get one - it's a revolutionary way to open coconuts.

After the demo I wandered around the stalls again and managed to get my hands on a few raw delights I'd been eyeing up. I made my way to the Banana Rawpublic stall. In a room full of raw deliciousness this stall stood out by a mile! Their little cheesecakes looked like pieces of art, each one noticeably hand crafted with care and love, and let me tell you they tasted amazing. I opted for one of each and also grabbed a slice of their raw mushroom and sour cream tart. Best of all, these guys do catering - so if you are in need of some 'awesome' catering check out their website.

After that I headed home - my stomach was calling and it wanted feeding!

Below is a little information on each of the stallholders, just in case you would like to try some of their yummy food or follow their blogs.

Banana Rawpublic: Courtney and Todd specialise in raw vegan cheesecakes, they make the most beautiful desserts you have ever seen. Just follow them on Instagram and their mouth watering photos will have you convinced that you need their cheesecakes in your life!

The Raw Kitchen - Fremantle: If you haven't tried raw food in all it's glory, take a trip to The Raw Food Kitchen. Any skeptics will soon be converted and "wowed"! They have a large selection or raw food meals, desserts, smoothies and juices. They also have a little shop onsite and hold regular raw food workshops. You can do yoga there too!

Tales of a Kitchen / Raw by Chris: Tales of a Kitchen is a fantastic blog, packed with mouthwatering recipes. Now Chris is branching out into the catering world with 'Raw by Chris" and supplying Perth City workers with yummy Raw Tuesday office lunch deliveries. Orders must be in by Monday 3pm.

Inner Ego: Provides you with cold-pressed juices and nut milks. They run regular cleanses, delivered to your door. They've also partnered up with 'Raw by Chris' to bring you raw revive cleanses which include raw food and cold-pressed juices delivered to your door.

Molly's Picnic: Supplies Perth's cafes with her tasty little raw treats. She also blogs.

Modern Day Hippie: Famous for her D.I.Y balls, Nicole has conveniently measured and packaged raw ball ingredients, all you have to do is put them in the food processor, roll them and 'ta da': you've got raw balls!

Absolute Organic WA: A lovely little organic shop in Gwelup selling all things organic. They also have a little cafe where you can pick up a tasty meal and a juice.

 The Organic Circle: Is an organic cafe in Armadale. They sell organic foods such as grains, nuts and seeds, as well as other organic products and can provide organic catering. You can also get your organic veggie boxes from them.

Hopefully the Kitchen Warehouse will run 'Raw Appeal' again next years you'll all get a chance to go, but get there early - it gets busy and the food sells out quickly!

P.S. Thank you for my pretty mason jar Kitchen Warehouse (they were free to everyone quick enough to grab one).