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Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester

Wow it's been a long time! Sorry!

Life has been hectic thanks to a much longer than expected bathroom renovation (thanks old piping) which has seen me staying with friends and having lots of festival "showers"!

So this update come a little late, but I'm excited to get it out. You can read my first trimester experience here, if you want hear how awful it was!

Well this trimester (week 13 through to week 27), has been fantastic! I know understand why women enjoy being pregnant!

This trimester is filled with all the good things; I got to feel your baby move for the first time, my husband (Francis) got to feel the baby move, I had a surplus of energy and my bump finally looks like a pregnancy bump - not just a food baby. 

So below are a few stand out things I'd like to discuss, things that I've done and resources I've found helpful.


Firstly, its been so fantastic to be able to exercise again. Albeit very gentle it still feels good. If you'd like more info and my experience with exercising during pregnancy you can read about it here in the blog post I did!

I'll just update you to say I've started going to a new yoga place - as lovely as Home of Yoga was, their lack of structure and a bad untrained teacher that would teach occasionally was to unprofessional for me.

I now go to Spanda Yoga in Fremantle. It's wonderful!


A well known phenomenon - but I'm not sure if I'd call it nesting, more like a sharp realisation you need to get your life and house in order before you have a little human completely dependant on you arrive. 

Saying that as a usually pretty laid back person, I did have an unusual amount of energy that I wanted to channel into organising my life and house. Nesting is considered a natural animals instinct and evolutionally makes perfect sense to me and quite adaptive really!

So thats what I did I did, I organised my life!

  • I finally sorted out all my filing and created a baby file
  • I legally changed my name to my married name
  • Sorted out my wardrobe and donated all my old clothes to charity
  • Sorted out all random boxes, cupboards, the shed and efficiently organised everything (I figure this will be a huge time saver in the future)
  • We started bathroom renovations (not at all advisable - but it was always on the cards and I figured renovating would be easier without a newborn)
  • Painted rooms, put up mirrors and pictures
  • Swapped out all potentially toxic products to eco natural products, including swapping old plastic tupperware for glass storage

Actual unexplained "nesting" things I did:

Baby purchases 

Exciting, daunting and definitely expensive!

I really don't want to buy into the consumerism that surround babies - people have managed with simple minimal products for time and eternity.

I figured out what my essentials were, what I wanted to buy new and what I could get second hand or just go without completely. Talking to sensible friends with children really helped with this too. 

Thing I bought new (mainly because I plan to use them for the next baby):

  • Pram - I went for the Baby Jogger
  • Modern Cloth Nappies (future blog post coming soon) and cloth wipes
  • Capsule - Maxi Cosi
  • Breast pump
  • Glass baby bottles
  • Basic baby grows 
  • Baby first aid kit
  • Play mat (from Etsy)
  • Lots of baby and mama products from Earth Mama Angel Baby

Second hand:

  • Change table
  • Bassinet (lent to me by my cousin)
  • Nappy bin

I have also been blessed with a very generous (and excited) mother who has bought me lots blankets, baby clothes and a nappy bag. 

Gumtree is fantastic for getting second hand baby furniture and clothes bundles. Always make sure anything you buy comes from a smoke-free house and if allergies are a concern, animal free. 

Catch of the day is also fantastic for getting good deals on baby products!

Hypnobirthing Classes 

Getting prepared for the baby is obviously important. But preparing yourself and partner for the labour and birth is just as important!

Though I have full belief in my bodies ability to naturally birth a baby, I'm not naive to the fact that labour is called labour for a reason, and needs preparation to cope with all the sensations and changes that take place. 

That's why I decided to do a hypnobirthing course!

I went with Helena (she's also a Doula) for Dream Births. She was fantastic! She was so accommodating with our busy and hectic schedules, and has the most welcoming empowering, calming presence. 

I left our sessions feeling excited, capable and prepared!

I'll do a more in-depth blog on hypnobirthing blog soon, with a post labour and birth account! 


I've just ready three books! I recommend them all.

  1. Ina May's Guide to Child Birth - written by the "world best midwife", it's a fantastic book filled with positive realistic accounts of labour and birth. It also helps you understand how your body and mind work, and is filled with helpful advice for a natural fearless birth.
  2. Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding - filled with lots of advice on breastfeeding and problem shooting common breastfeeding issues.
  3. Hypnobirthing the Mongan Method - given out at hypnobirthing classes but also available to purchase. It comes with a CD and covers the relationship between fear and labour, relaxation, labour preparation, natural pain mamangemtn, breathing techniques and bonding with your baby. 

I also watched:

Belly development 

Yay I finally have a baby bump. Something I'm very fond of and very attached to - which I'm happy about. 

I was always a little afraid that having a bump and weight gain might dredge up old body image issues - but I've actually enjoyed having a bump and enjoyed the bonding experience it's allowed me to have with our baby!

To keep my skin nourished and able to cope with all the expanding I've been moisturising it twice a day with hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is packed with omegas which are essential for skin repair and nourishment - making it a great choice for stretching skin.

Again I'll do another 'Stretch Mark Prevention' post at the end of my third trimester! 

Food cravings and general health

Like I've said I've had a surplus of energy which has been fantastic.


I've had no strange cravings but have definitely craved more fats than I usually would! I've been eating lots of avocados, nut butters, chia seeds and coconut milk. Thankfully it hasn't been affect my skin too much, though too much peanut butter still causes me to break out a little.


It's no surprise that I've been craving lots of carbs - growing a little human clearly takes a lot of energy. 

Mainly I've been eating lots of Dahl with rice, risotto, burrito bowls and gluten free rice pasta. And let me tell you've my portion sizes are definitely bigger than usual!


Something that only appeared around week 25. It's a very common side effect of pregnancy, but nothing that has caused me too much discomfort.

Rather than turning to processed antacids (like gaviscon), I simply eliminated the food that caused me the most issues. For me that was huge amounts of beans, citrus and quinoa. 

Other things you can try:

  • Smaller, more frequent meals
  • No liquids with meals
  • Walks after meals
  • Eliminating trouble foods


As always, I would love to hear your experiences! Sp please get in touch. For more pregnancy and health updates follow me on instagram: @thenourishingconcept.