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Pregnancy - First trimester

On the 1st January I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant! 

Obviously the whole thing was exciting; telling our families was exciting and everyone else was just as excited as we were. I was also super excited to share with all you guys my journey and everything I learnt along the way. So this is the first a small series of blogs where I'll be talking about pregnancy and health. 

If any of you have any questions or topics you'd like me to discuss please get in touch in the comments below!

Ok, so this post will be short(ish) - really just a brief summary of how the first trimester was for me.

I'll do a post on each trimester, and then go more in depth on specific topics such as: nutrition, exercise, products, birth plans, books and tips etc. in individual posts. 

So when I imagined being pregnant I sort of imagined life would go on as normal...

I would just get a beautiful bump, a wonderful glow and that I would carry on with all my usual activities, just at a slower pace or with less intensity. I imagined eating wonderfully healthy foods like big salads, smoothies and mountains of veggies to get in all that important nutrition. I thought I'd carry on exercising and make it a priority to stay physically fit and connected to my body.

Boy was I wrong or perhaps just naive? 

I found out I was pregnant at 2 weeks, so early on. I was still feeling great, my energy levels were amazing and I was smashing out 6 workouts a week. When I found out I was pregnant I simply lowered the intensity of my workouts and thought that's how it would remain until I was too big to workout. I was eating a healthy, balanced, whole foods, plant based diet and just continued to do that. I did add in a vegan, plant derived, organic pre-natal supplement (I'll talk nutrition in my next post). 

Then week 5 hit...

I woke up feeling a bit nauseas and with a super human sense of smell. Things only got worse from here..way worse - my nausea got worse, vomiting and food aversions set in, and I was hit with the most debilitating fatigue I have ever experienced!*

(* All pregnancies are unique, some women get milder symptoms, some get worse fatigue, others worse nausea - it all depends on how much pregnancy hormone you have in your body and how your body reacts to that hormone. Women having multiple babies tend to get worse symptoms due to higher levels of the pregnancy hormone in their body.)

In short, I spent the next 8 weeks in bed or draped over the toilet!

I missed all social events and only managed to pull it together to get myself to work a couple of days a week. It was, quite possibly the worst 2 months I've ever experienced! No one can help you and I had this sense of injustice, like pregnant women had lied to me about how bad it actually could be. 

Needless to say after the fatigue set in and I slept for an entire weekend, I quickly realised I wasn't going to be exercising like I'd expected. Just getting a little fresh air at the beach or in the garden was the best I could manage and my fatigue was made worse by daily vomiting and inability to stomach most foods. 

My doctor kept a good eye on me and my bloods - even though I lost weight (3kgs) and had low blood pressure, my bloods always showed I had good levels of vitamin and mineral stores. So she wasn't concerned. As long as I stayed hydrated I was told just to see it though until hopefully, in the second trimester, things would be much better. 

Anyway I thought I'd share some of the things that happened to me that I was expecting, that I didn't expect, or that I expected but had no idea it would be so bad. 

Things I expected: 

  • Breast tenderness and increase in size 
  • Increased sense of smell 

Things I didn't expect:

  • Dry lizard skin 
  • Super clear skin 
  • Daily vomiting 
  • Crazy dreams 
  • Pregnancy headaches 
  • Tap water aversion 
  • Vegetable aversion 
  • Being in bed almost 24/7 for 8 weeks

Things I expected but had no idea it would be so bad:

  • Fatigue to the point of finding it hard to get myself a glass of water
  • Food aversions to the point of only being able to eat certain fruits and rice 

Things were made much better when we got to watch our baby being scanned and looking like an actual little human even though it was only 58mm. 

So if you're going though your first trimester and experiencing any negative side affects hang in there, even if it means being a social recluse and remaining horizontal for months on end! x