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Wedding Fitness Routine

I can't quite believe my wedding is 10 weeks away - I am beyond excited! Today I thought I'd share with you my pre-wedding fitness routine that I'm following to get in tip-top condition and feeling my best.

Basically since I found F45 I've ditched all other forms of exercise. If you haven't heard of F45 read about it here

For me it does everything I was looking for in an exercise routine and has provided me with the best results compared to anything I've ever done. I go six times a week and thats all I need. As I wasn't looking to lose weight for my wedding but I was looking to build some muscle and look leaner, F45 has done exactly that. And by the amount of brides-to-be sweating it out every morning I'm not the only one it's working wonders for. 

So I thought I'd get Sade (pronounced Sha-dae) one of the F45 trainers to tell us why exactly F45 gets it's clients stronger, leaner and fitter.

Over to Sade...

How does F45 cause you to drop body fat %?

OK, so to keep this simple:

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a training technique in which you give one hundred percent effort through quick and intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. This type of training achieves and maintains a max heart rate (MHR) between 70-100% and therefore burns more fat in less time.

This happens because our body relies on what is called the anaerobic energy system. Simply put, this energy system requires quick stores of energy to allow for the higher intense bursts of movement. This anaerobic energy system gets its energy supply from our fat and carbohydrate stores which accounts for the first cause of body fat % loss.

Secondly, a high-intensity workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery (huffing and puffing). Interestingly, this ‘after-burn’ effect (oxygen shortage) is referred to as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and is the reason why intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts. EPOC thus switches on the metabolic activity in your muscles for up to 24 hours to allow for them to restore their oxygen levels, which also allows for continual fat burning.

Other great attributes of HIIT and how it accounts for body fat % loss:

  • Increased resting metabolic rate for upwards of 24 hours after exercise
  • Improved insulin sensitivity in the muscles
  • Higher levels of fat oxidation in the muscles
  • Significant spikes in growth hormone levels (which aid in fat loss)
  • Post-exercise appetite suppression


Why is it so important to do the combination of the cardio and the resistance training?

While it is evident that the cardio based classes are of a higher intense nature (aiding in more fat loss and cardiovascular health), it is important to build up the lean muscle mass and assist in healthy bone structures. Cardio and resistance sessions work in synchronisation with each other to ensure all facets of people’s health goals (weight loss, toning, increase strength, increase cardiovascular fitness) are achieved.

So while you work at a really high intensity during cardio sessions, it is vital to push your muscles to the same intensity to allow for the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). The more muscle mass someone has the naturally higher your metabolism is as well (yes, it is possible to speed up your metabolism naturally!).


Why do people see quick results?

Referring to the first question, people are able to see fast results because of the nature of the intensity of each of the classes. From those who regularly wear heart rate monitors their MHR will stay consistently between 70-100% during the entire workout period to then have it drop within the rest period. This obviously triggers the body to consistently rely on the anaerobic energy system as well as the EPOC to use fat and carbohydrate stores for energy, thus resulting in lean muscle mass gain and fat loss (win, win!)

It is also important to mention that a healthy diet combined with F45 training with plenty of clean proteins, carbohydrates and fats will ensure that sufficient muscle mass and fat loss is achieved.


How can people maintain those results and avoid plateauing, which can common when exercising?

Plateauing is common when it comes to any form of exercise, even with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). However, at F45 there is a less likely chance for that to happen due to the nature of the classes and the vast difference between each class. The nature of the timing intervals, different exercises, and intensity of each exercise will always keep the body in a constant state of change and growth. 

Thanks Sade!

It's so interesting to understand how your body works and the more we understand it the better we can connect with it.

Like Sade said, a clean health diet is also an important part of building muscle and reducing body fat %. I always make sure I follow my F45 session with a nutrient packed smoothie like this one, this makes sure I get all the nutrients my body needs and stops me getting cravings or ridiculously hungry later in the day!