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About me

Thanks for dropping by to learn a little more about me.

I'm blessed to say I call Perth, Australia, home. Those of you who have visited will know we are privileged to have fine weather, beautiful beaches and some fantastic cafes and restaurants - all of which I found very conducive to living a healthy life.

My passion for health and food started when I still lived in the UK in 2009, and I decided to study a Masters degree in Health Psychology. Once I arrived in Perth and experienced what to me felt like endless summers days, my passion for health and food flourished. Exercising regularly and eating healthily started to be easier and quickly became a way of life. The excitement of all the enticing healthy cafes and market stalls saw me introduced to concepts such as raw food, a concept very foreign to me coming from rainy England, but now I couldn't imagine a week without some delicious raw desserts.

As my passion for health increased, so did my thirst for knowledge and the desire to make a healthy lifestyle a way of life for as many people as possible. So in early 2014, I decided to build on my existing knowledge and skills to become a health coach, and started 'The Nourishing Concept'. Thanks to my training I've now learnt how to live a healthy life regardless of where I live or what the weather's like!

I now follow a mainly plant-based diet and am actively pursuing my passion in the world of health coaching, where I hope to support and educate many people in finding their healthy, balanced way of life.

  • Health Coaching

    integrative nutrition accreditation

    I am an accredited Health Coach and received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), where I was educated in more than one hundred dietary theories, and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

    IIN promotes the concept of bio-individuality: the understanding that each person is unique and therefore their food and lifestyle needs are also unique. This is exactly why fad diets tend to fail long term, and why one diet doesn't suit everyone!

    During a health coaching program we explore the lifestyle factors that contribute to your complete nourishment. Health isn't simply about the food you eat and the amount of exercise you do. Healthy relationships, self-care and life satisfaction are also essential to health and happiness.

    Working on the principle of bio-individuality and on lifestyle factors that affect your health choices, I work with clients to make positive changes that are based on their unique needs and goals, so that they can live a fulfilling and truly "nourished" life.

  • Health Psychology

    I studied Psychology at university and after working in the psychology sector decided to specialise in Health Psychology. In 2010 I completed my Masters in Health Psychology in the UK.

    Health Psychology explores peoples attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle behaviours that contribute to their health, as well as how to improve overall wellbeing and health of individuals and communities, through interventions and health campaigns.

    My experience working in community and clinical mental health provides me with an in-depth understanding of behaviour patterns, and choices that contribute to overall wellbeing and health.

    Additional experience in the Health Promotion sector, working for a world leader in mental health promotion, saw me personally develop a self-help guide, as well as deliver workshops on positive lifestyle behaviours to adopt for a mentally healthy life.
    The knowledge and experience gained through my Psychology and Health Psychology degree as well as Health Promotion experience contribute to my style of health coaching, and compliment the training I received at IIN.




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