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A blog packed with recipes, information, tips and discussions on how to be truly nourished. I believe that health and wellbeing are our greatest possessions - something to be treasured, nurtured and most importantly enjoyed. I try to follow a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle, that’s packed with delicious food, lots of positivity, kindness and joy - and hopefully I can share some of this with you through my blog.

So if you're keen for a little more nourishment in your life, stick around and explore my blog, enjoy the recipes and let me know if there is anything you would like me to discuss. If you’re interested in some health coaching, or want to know how health coaching can help you, head on over to my consultation page to find out a little more.

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Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

My third trimester is almost up and I write this final update as I eagerly await the arrival of our little one. 

Upon reflection I've really enjoyed being pregnant (minus the first trimester), I've loved my bump and I've loved the transition into another phase of my life. I've definitely developed more respect for my body, it's amazing abilities and deepened a connection with myself - all sounds terribly cheesy, but it's true!

I've also enjoyed how happy being pregnant makes other people. People in the street smile at you and look at you with a sort of fondness. It's been nice!

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Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester

Wow it's been a long time! Sorry!

Life has been hectic thanks to a much longer than expected bathroom renovation (thanks old piping) which has seen me staying with friends and having lots of festival "showers"!

So this update come a little late, but I'm excited to get it out. You can read my first trimester experience here, if you want hear how awful it was!

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Exercising During Pregnancy

I always thought I would be one of those super fit pregnant women (imagine @chontelduncan - maybe not as fit but you can see what my ego was imagining).

I imagined daily workouts, lot's of walks and anything that would keep me in good shape and help me "bounce back" after the birth. 

After three months of morning sickness and generally not moving from the bed, I quickly realised I wasn't going to have super fit pregnancy I imagined...and would happily settle for a healthy active pregnancy instead!

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3 Tips for a toxic free home

I've always been pretty aware of toxins in and around the house, but it's not something I've never really been too concerned about and I thought I was using reasonably safe products (I used Earthwise for everything). 

But being pregnant definitely made me pay more attention to what products I was using in the house and what potential toxins were in those products.

Firstly, the lingering smell cleaning products left, which previously signalled cleanliness, now smelt potent and harsh. Secondly, I was obviously concerne about what chemicals could do to my unborn baby. 

So I swotted up and made these few changes to ensure my home environment remained as toxic free as possible.

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Apple & Caramel Pie

After a beautiful sunny mini break in Byron Bay and Noosa, I arrived back in Perth to rain and wind. It felt strangely nice and very autumnal!

Autumn to me always means apple crumble and lots of it! Apple desserts are definitely my childhood comfort food and remind me so much of England and home.

As I've gone gluten free, and even gluten free oats seem to cause me issues - I've had to think of another way to get my apple comfort fix this season.

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Free Recipe E-Book

Hey lovelies,

Just a quick post to let you know my free e-book 'Nourishment' is now out!

Included are:

  • a few of my 'go to' quick and nourishing recipes
  • a beautiful weekly meal planner
  • a shopping list.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Like with all pregnant women pre-natal and post-natal nutrition is really important to me, so as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started to swot up on plant-based nutrition and just general good nutrition for a healthy pregnancy. 

I also talked to my GP to let her know I would continue to follow a plant-based diet - she was really supportive and just suggested I take a good pre-natal supplement. 

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Pregnancy - First trimester

On the 1st January I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant! 

Obviously the whole thing was exciting; telling our families was exciting and everyone else was just as excited as we were. I was also super excited to share with all you guys my journey and everything I learnt along the way. So this is the first a small series of blogs where I'll be talking about pregnancy and health. 

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Cacao & Caramel Millet Crispy Cakes

It's almost Easter weekend, and we all know Easter means CHOCOLATE, and lots of it!

So why not join me in a bit of nostalgia and make some yummy chocolate crispy cakes this weekend. This recipe uses beautiful puffed ancient grains, un-refined cacao, organic coconut oil and some natural maple syrup to sweeten things up - which means you can enjoy them guilt free, and not be left with that sickly sweet lingering feeling so many of us are familiar with after Easter. 

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Raw Pad Thai

This is one of my favourite summer dishes. It's packed with veggies and is super fresh tasting! 

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How to heal leaky gut with plants

When I got told I had a leaky gut by my naturopath, I knew the standard processes she was going to suggest I follow (if you're not sure what leaky gut is or want to know what the symptoms are, read my previous blog post here). 

All gut healing programs follow the standard 4 steps:

  1. Remove damaging factors that cause leaky gut
  2. Replace with healing foods
  3. Repair the gut with specific supplements 
  4. Rebalance the guts bacteria 

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6 Signs That You Have a Leaky Gut

Leaky gut sounds pretty nasty and unfortunately loads of us are walking around it, and we don't even know it!

Many common digestive issues, allergies and skin problems are actually a good indication that you have leaky gut and need to fix it sharpish.

So what exactly it leaky gut?

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Sweet Potato Brownies

Whilst adding sweet potato to a brownie recipe sounds a little strange, it actually makes a deliciously sweet and moist brownie that's packed with extra nutrients and antioxidants. 

Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C making them a superfood for healthy glowing skin, pair this with the wonderfully high anti-oxidant levels found in raw cacao, and you have a sort of yummy superfood brownie. 

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5 Tips For Weight loss in 2016

Happy New Year lovely people! I hope you all had a fabulous festive season and are ready for a great 2016!

Each year so many of us have the New Years resolution of a) get fit and b) lose weight, but some how it still ends up on next years resolution list.

So why not make this year the year you actually achieve those health and fitness goals. 

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Christmas Raw Balls

Christmas mince pies must be one of the best things about the festive season, don't you think? Back in my uni days I would pretty much eat (at least) one everyday with a nice cup of tea. 

Naturally being more health conscious and now gluten free, mince pies are off the table for me. So this year I've created a beautiful Christmas Raw Ball recipe, which has all the flavours of Christmas in it but non of the nasties - which means I still get to enjoy my favourite festive treat! 

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Sexy Sober Christmas with Bex!


A sober Christmas…I can hear the gasps of horror already. I know for most of us Christmas is synonymous with over indulging and getting very merry.

But what if this year you just didn’t? And you managed to get through the festive season with no weight gain, no heated clashes, no headaches, and best of all no embarrassing flashbacks.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2015

With Christmas just 22 days away it's time to start thinking about the gifts you're going to give. 

It sounds super cheesy but I always like to give gifts that promote healthy living, make healthy living easier or that are environmentally friendly. So besides making people yummy food as gifts, I've put together a list of gifts that I've spotted around that would make great Christmas gift for any friend, family or even yourself.

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Grilled Peach Salad with Cashew Cream Cheese

Summer can only mean one thing...PEACHES! Stoned fruit really are some of my favourite fruits, especially juicy peaches!

I love them on their own, lightly roasted with ice-cream and even in salads.

If you can get your hands on some good quality ripe peaches, I have a wonderful salad for you to try. Not only does it look utterly delicious, it's so fresh and clean - perfect for hot summer evenings. 

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Buckwheat Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli is such a great breakfast for spring and summer. It's packed with fibre so it's going to fill you up and keep you going through to lunch. 

Best of all you can make a batch on Sunday evening, and it will last you through to Friday morning - so that's all your breakfasts for the week covered. 

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6 Ways to Stay Healthy during the Festive Season

I know it's November still, and you might be thinking it's a bit early to start talking about Christmas, but soon December will arrive and the hectic-ness of the festive season will hit. So best be prepared and jump into December knowing you can remain centered, healthy and happy. 

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Spinach Falafels

I've been trying to master a baked falafel for a long time now! I've always found that a fried falafel will come out lovely and fluffy and remain beautifully moist, but when you bake a falafel it dries out terribly. 

Because baking falafels makes a healthier option, I've been playing around with some additional ingredients to make them moist when baked. The two ingredients that have worked wonderfully are juice pulp and spinach.

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How to quit coffee

I know you're thinking "why on earth would I want to quite coffee"? I get it, I thought the same whenever I heard someone had quit coffee. 

Now don't get me wrong I still love coffee, I love the smell, the buzz and the ritual - I just don't drink it anymore.

Why? Basically because it wasn't conducive to my health anymore.

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Caramel Bliss Balls

I am a little obsessed with these raw balls, so much so, I even considered not sharing this recipe so I could keep these babies all to myself.

These caramel raw balls have lucuma powder in them, which along with the gooey madjool dates makes them extra caramelly. I also like to add maca powder to these and sometime protein powder which makes them a great recovery/post workout snack.  

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5 ways to start loving your body

I would be lying if I said I had mastered how to love my body one hundred percent! I thought I had, but that's because my body looked how I wanted it to and was performing to my expectations.

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Plant-Based Cooking Classes

I am super excited to announce that I'll be working with Be Friend on their new Sweet Skills project, to deliver 4 delicious plant-based (vegan) cooking classes over 4-weeks.


Each class will give you the opportunity to learn the benefits of eating a wholefoods diet and how food can support a healthy nourished lifestyle, yet still be utterly delicious and enjoyable. You'll learn the fundamentals of wholefood plant-based cooking, some easy and fast recipes, and enjoy eating what we cook together.


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What Carbs Should I Be Eating?

Carbs have always been a bit of a hot topic when it comes to dieting or healthy eating. There are people who are fiercely promote high-carb-low-fat and those who promote high-fat/protein-low carb. 

From all my years of dieting and experience working with people who've been yo-yo dieting for most of their adult life, carbs are actually really important for losing weight, maintaining weight loss and living a healthy balanced life. 

Carbs will not make you fat when they are the right carbs and are packed with amazing nutrients.

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Raw Ginger Biscuits

I love a good spicy ginger biscuit with a cup of tea! Very British I know!

Head over to Adventure Snack to see my guest post, for this delicious recipe and for a few more ideas on how you could eat this biscuit...think ice-cream sandwiches!

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F45 Wellness Workshop

I'm super excited to be giving a quick 30 minute wellness workshop to my fellow F45'ers* on Friday 18th September at 5:00pm at F45 Perth CBD.

For many of you, you are tackling the 9 week challenge and might have a few health related questions you'd like to ask. This is a great opportunity to come along and ask those questions, but also to learn how to create a more healthy and balanced approach to healthy eating in the long term. 

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Burrito Bowl

It's a stunning 31º spring day here in Perth, so I thought I'd whip up something a little more fresh and summery for my evening dinner.

I've been going through a few health issues recently which has resulted in me having to eliminate gluten from my diet. Even though I don't eat that much gluten, it's meant I've had to rethink a few of my staple meals and made eating out a little tricky.

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